Was DA Mayor Memory Booysen Sexting Job Seeker?

Democratic Alliance Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen

Was the Democratic Alliance’s Mayor Memory Booysen sexting a job seeker? The DA-run Plettenberg Bay has survived a major housing scandal and a major electricity theft scandal involving municipal employees. Even more miraculous was the municipality getting rubber stamped with a Clean Audit. The Western Cape and the DA, like the ANC across South Africa is no stranger to strange happenings… and these type of things, especially in the Western Cape, rarely get the media coverage needed. However, as if … Click here to read full article

The Way Forward…

Moving Knysna forward

THE PAST 33 291 people were reached this past week on my Love Knysna Facebook! 118 new subscribers – the #1 community news page in Knysna, bigger than all our local newspapers, Knysna Tourism and Knysna Municipality combined, far bigger than the political propaganda pages that were erected to try take me, as the activist behind this page, down. That success is part stubbornness and hard work. Importantly, that success is because you have shown interest in the beautiful and … Click here to read full article

That Not So Shocking Gay Advert


It’s crazy that in our era of liberal sexuality, human rights and AIDS, there are people offended by this advert. It may not be a great advert but it’s trying to do the right thing. Allegedly, some broadcasters won’t show it. Those that can’t respond like a member of modern civilisation (or acknowledge that after thousands of years of gay history, gays aren’t an anomaly), should try diverting their attention to South Africa’s unemployed 10 million, Nkandla’s not-so-lekker fire pool … Click here to read full article

5 Years of Helen Zille’s DA Failure!


Premier Helen Zille, you failed us, you failed a whole town, you failed Knysna!   As many of you know, i keep a clock on the www.KnysnaKeep.org website. It just hit 5 years of failure by the DA to respond honestly and with action regarding allegations of maladministration and corruption by their politicians in Knysna.   This is not the transparency we were promised last local elections. It was all a lie.   Surely the only conclusion is that the … Click here to read full article

Marijuana on Trial in South Africa Next Year

I am Not a Criminal - Dagga Couple

The Trial of the Cannabis Plant is due to start in the Pretoria High Court, Gauteng province, South Africa on 31 July 2017 until 25 August 2017. This is a total of 19 high court days. Our legal team at Schindlers Attorneys consulted with Deputy Judge President Ledwaba recently and it was established that these were the first available dates on the court roll for a special (long term, public interest) trial. Accordingly, various dates were set as deadlines over … Click here to read full article

Who Owns South Africa?

who owns south africa - evil gold evil banks

Who owns South Africa? Who owns the world?   In the news is that the Bank Of England’s vault contains R4-trillion worth of gold! Only 6% of that is owned by the UK Treasury a.k.a. the government a.k.a. the public.   China’s ICBC Standard Bank, the world’s biggest bank by assets, is buying a secret vault from Barclays in London which will store 2000 tons of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.   Here in South Africa, the Reserve Bank, whose … Click here to read full article