The Gordhan Ball & Zuma Bat Playing South Africa


The faces of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and President Jacob Zuma have become a far too easy way for the public to take sides in a conflict that is much bigger than it appears… It has taken 22 years for the election victory bus of the African National Congress (ANC)  to reach a highway potholed by mass public opinion and internal division. It’s inevitable that a tire will burst. As time is running out for an outdated ANC, … ‘Click here to read full article…’

Bye Bye


Know that there’s moves afoot to return the old African National Congress government to Knysna but under the Democratic Alliance banner. If our insane politics of greed for power hasn’t yet taught you that there are no political parties, only power groups, then you are destined to be a sheep with a narrowing future. You’ll have to figure out the maze yourself. You’ll have no transparent news source as i’m leaving until January 15 2017. I’ve got lots … ‘Click here to read full article…’

If You Don’t Sign, You’re Racist


Knysna Democratic Alliance Councillor Dr. Martin Young is no stranger to controversy. To my dismay and disappointment, his actions seem condoned by his party, exposing an evil underbelly where politicians rule and the public are abused. Unethically, as a doctor, he repeatedly diagnosed me publicly as a psychopath. He also decided that i’m a danger to children. Of course it didn’t matter that he’s never met me and that neither are true. He was simply an immoral man … ‘Click here to read full article…’

Gordhan Charge Shows Rise of New Right Wing


Against the background of the criminal charge brought against the Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan, the IRR has released a policy paper titled The Rise of the New Right: South Africa’s Road to 2024 on the prospects for a forced, quite authoritarian, economic reform process in South Africa. IRR CEO Dr Frans Cronje said: “The decision to charge Mr Gordhan with fraud ties into one of our scenarios that describes the rise of a new right wing … ‘Click here to read full article…’