Taking ‘Break’ from Online to Focus on Court Cases

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I’ve scheduled a few Facebook posts for the weekend but, for an extended period, i’ll be mostly absent online. Thank you so much for the attention you’ve given my blogs – just in the past week there were 266 new subscribers. But i need to focus on court cases, a few investigative stories and the approximate 600 emails in my inbox. I’m currently R1400 in the negative so that’s good motivation to be alone (4 days so far) … ‘Click here to read full article…’

3 MUST WATCH Documentaries on South African Crime

Must Watch Documentaries South African Crime

A revealing, well made documentary about crime and social struggle in Khayelitsha in Cape Town. Fascinating and heartbreaking. This sad tale begins in the emergency room of an overworked hospital as stab victim after stab victim come through the doors. I felt devastated after watching it late last night but when i woke this morning, i felt more determined than ever. If you don’t realise that we all have to play a part in helping our neighbours, then … ‘Click here to read full article…’

SA Election Update: Rough Flight Ahead (Aug 18)

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) misleadingly rules the news the past 24hrs. Before i explain their overrated success, check out this election update: – Tshwane – DA takes over with Solly Msimanga as Mayor. – Mogale City (West Rand): Elects DA mayor and ANC speaker 🙂 – Ekurhuleni (East Rand): ANC has signed a coalition deal with the AIC, giving them a 1 seat majority. – Nelson Mandela Bay: DA’s Athol Trollip becomes Mayor through coalition with ACDP, COPE … ‘Click here to read full article…’

Grant Easton, Knysna’s Illegal Municipal Manager (Part 4)

Unqualified Knysna Municipal Manager Grant Easton 2

Knysna’s Municipal Manager Grant Easton is unqualified for his position yet in charge of a R900-million budget. He, together with the Democratic Alliance, misled Parliament when questioned. Knysna Municipality said to Parliament: With regards to Mr Easton’s academic qualification, we have to state that it is quite strange that the petitioner now questions [his] academic qualifications [yet] never questioned [them] when he was appointed as CFO [Chief Financial Officer]… Mr Easton held the same qualification when he was … ‘Click here to read full article…’