Democratic Alliance crimes NCOP ruling Setember 13 2017

Website under Political Attack by the Democratic Alliance

The Democratic Alliance is determined to silence me for exposing their corruption. I've moved several times, fearing for my safety and those around me. My websites and social media are currently suspended owing to non-stop court cases.

My LOVE KNYSNA PETITION to Parliament details illegal appointments, tender fraud, cronyism, propaganda, abuse of public funds, abuse of the courts, corrupt magistrates, the use of child abuse as a propaganda weapon, threats etc.

Staff of PRESIDENT CYRIL RAMAPHOSA are currently having meetings regards my situation and the capture of the Western Cape Province by criminal politicians.

The Hawks have opened CAPE TOWN INQUIRY OC 19.07.2018 and, under order from their General, have met me in Knysna and Durban. The Hawks assessment report is due in November 2018. The full investigation requires a project team so will take much longer. I will use this as an opportunity to work full-time in helping the Hawks better understand my 8 years of evidence which ranges from forensic reports and legal opinions to witnesses and personal experience.

Thereafter, expect my book which will be entitled Same Shit, Different Government.

To every citizen, please be loud. Stand against selfish crime. Never forget that WE ARE SOUTH AFRICA, not the politicians under whom our lives have only gotten worse.

- Mike Hampton

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Mike Hampton - Same Shit Different Government