Public Protector Investigating Knysna Corruption

Public Protector - Democratic Alliance corruption

Allegations of Knysna government corruption and maladministration will be investigated by Advocate Gideon Landman of the Eden District Office of the Public Protector. For 6 years, a long-running battle has ensued between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and myself, Mike Hampton, an activist and citizen journalist through online platforms, Love Knysna and Knysna Keep. 9 complaints to the Public Protector and 1 to the National Council of Provinces allege tender irregularities, illegal appointments of staff to senior positions, funds meant for empowerment spent on consultants, the loss of millions in public funds and the abuse of the courts. THE DARK SIDE The … ‘Click here to read full article…’

Rheenendal Riots

Rheenendal riots Jan 2017

There have been riots in Rheenendal which started last night and ran into today. Fires have been lit and, for a period, the Rheenendal Road was closed. A subscriber said that riot police and firemen from neighbouring towns were called in to assist. The cause of the protest is unknown but it might be because of wanted housing, a possible show of strength whilst the MEC for Human Settlements, Bonginkosi Madikizela, is on tour of the Knysna Municipality. This is strengthened by the housing meeting with Mayor Eleonore Spies that was to be held in the community hall tomorrow night – … ‘Click here to read full article…’

A Foreign Murder vs South African MurderS

Thoughts on Murder: Other people can blog about the sadness and outrage generated by the murder of 20-year-old Birna Brjansdottir in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. For me, the remarkable point is the difference between living in a first world country like that, where the government is held accountable to its citizens, versus living in South Africa with our daily horror shows. The population of Iceland may be small but it would be like adding George, Plettenberg Bay and Knysna together, a comparison i make because the latter is my home area. Birna Brjansdottir’s murder was only the second in … ‘Click here to read full article…’

The Rudeness of the South African Fake Smile

Khaya Dlanga - In My Arrogant Opinion

“There are three things white people are good at. Swimming, convincing us that broccoli is good, and fake smiles. The fake smile has those ‘Please don’t steal my bag’ and ‘Please don’t talk to me’ qualities about it. White women have a black belt in the fake smile. It’s quick and attacks you with very transparent fake sincerity. It approaches with the lethal speed of a ninja. You don’t see it coming. The one moment it’s there, the next it’s gone. If you blink while it’s been flashed, you might miss it. For some odd reason, it happens to me … ‘Click here to read full article…’