Kudos to Knysna ElectroTechnical Services!

Broken water pipe Kanonkop Knysna

Knysna ElectroTechnical Services to the rescue. My neighbour in Kanonkop experienced a broken water pipe above his house. The result was a waterfall! In search of the source, i got scratched by thorns as i climbed 50m up a steep, bushy hill. It gave me an appreciation for some of the challenges municipal employees face. Our severely understaffed ElectroTechnical Services department makes me wonder how it continues to operates. Consequently, i was amazed by the receptionist’s efforts to find a … Click here to read full article

New Era: What is the European Union?


So Britain has spoken – we wish to leave the European Union. Please don’t fret. We are not going to see our Lithuanian friends removed from their homes in the middle of the night. If you are an immigrant, I promise you are not going to be sent back to your country at gunpoint. We all know that there is something far greater, and far more sinister going on behind the scenes. And it all comes down to a simple … Click here to read full article

Brexit Leave Wins – Great Divorce!

Brexit Leave Wins

BREXIT ‘LEAVE’ WINS! The Brexit Leave EU (European Union) campaign has won. Delilah has beaten Goliath. This is the best divorce in modern history! All the odds were against them. The Public defeated newspapers, the biggest politicians, bankers, big business and some of the most powerful nations on earth. It’s a lesson in standing up for yourself, one we could do with learning here in South Africa and in my home town of Knysna. Brexit Leaves wins! It’s so ironic … Click here to read full article

Parliament asks Public Protector to Probe Democratic Alliance

Opening the Democratic Alliance Door - Public Protector Probe2

A Committee of Parliament has responded to my allegations of Democratic Alliance (DA) corruption and maladministration by asking the Public Protector to investigate. The allegations implicate many. From the town of Knysna to Cape Town, it involves municipal officials and politicians, managers and ministers. Ultimately, and especially because she was aware and never acted, responsibility must rest on the doorstep of Premier Helen Zille. MEDIA BIAS I’m Mike Hampton, an independent activist. This is a about power and cover-up. It … Click here to read full article

Parliament: Decision on Knysna Soon

Parliament South Africa

The Cape Times has published an article stating that Parliament will make a decision, this week, on my allegations of Knysna corruption. The announcement is a surprise. Parliament never queried me on the bulk of my paper evidence which was impossible to present orally in only 3 hours this past February. Parliament failed to answer my queries or respond to subsequent evidence. However, it’s possible that they assigned someone to dig into it. A LIE WON THE D.A. DELAY The … Click here to read full article