Concordia High School Protest

Concordia High School - schools are the heart of a communityParents barricaded the entrance to Concordia High School in Knysna this morning, July 28.  Kids in school uniforms joined them in protest. Their goal was to stop the appointment of a third temporary principle in a row. The were demanding a permanent principle.

With the opening of the new school in 2012, Star Geldenhuys proved to be a popular principle. She was then replaced by Anton Titus (from Knysna Secondary) who is to be replaced by Mike Lourens (from Knysna High School) who will serve for only 6 months.

The protest served a purpose in that emergency meetings were held with the Western Cape Education Department and others. Hopefully, the school is one step closer to getting not only what they want but what they need. Schools need stability. With rumours of in-school fighting culminating in the recent stabbing of a 16-year old pupil by a 15-year old, it’s possible that a permanent position for the head of the school is seen as a solution by some in the community.

Overall, the school has been well spoken of in Knysna by both students and teachers.

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If I Were the Devil in South Africa I’d….

The Devil destroying South AfricaIf I were the Devil in South Africa I’d whisper to Helen Zille and Jacob Zuma that they should never listen to the public… but ironically yell as loudly as they can to the public, “We are listening!” so that is all that they hear;

I would convince the people that right and wrong are determined by a few who call themselves authorities and refer to their agenda as politically correct;

I would convince people that character and community service are not considerations when choosing leaders and that all that matters is DA blue or ANC gold;

I would delude their minds into thinking that the power they have entrusted the self-serving politician with are blessings from voters who dared to hope of service; Continue reading

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