The Devil in the DA Deal (Part 2)

DA Deal attempted to screw Oudsthoorn taxpayersIt’ll be already apparent to readers of this article that the battle for control of Oudtshoorn is a vicious one. The town is led by a coalition government of the ANC (11 members), the NPP (1 member) and ICOSA (1 member), and an opposition coalition of the DA (11 members) and Cope (1 member) – essentially, that’s 13 for the ANC versus 12 for the DA.

Even for South African politics, what happened next was astounding not only in action and drama but in media bias.

On May 31 2013, a normal meeting of the Oudtshoorn Municipal Council was held. Therein, it was discovered that 5 ANC members had defected to the DA.  Continue reading

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The Devil in the DA Deal (Part 1)

DA makes Deal with Devil in Oudtshoorn Knysna Plettenberg BayIn the war between the DA and the ANC, the DA has publicly (and ironically) maintained the high ground as saint whilst also being a devil in the trenches.

One of the deepest trenches, filled with mud, stones and treachery, can be found in the town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. There, a brave DA politician, Peter Roberts, is being attacked by his own party for telling the truth. It’s a truth that the DA doesn’t want anybody to hear because it lifts up its blue skirt to show a pointy, red tail that’s joined to the arse of the DA’s top leadership.

At the heart of this is what is being called the Nel Settlement. To understand it, one needs to take note of the sequence of actions and events over the past 3 years. Continue reading

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