Children Possessed by Devil at Concordia High School in Knysna?

evil spirits possessionWere 2 students possessed by the devil at Concordia High School in Knysna? Was the school’s teen stabbing the work of the devil too… or Amakhubalo spirits who’ve been blamed for other disturbances across South Africa?

It’s a topic that’s had residents of the northern communities abuzz. In central town, yesterday, a waitress insisted that the two students couldn’t move from their chairs and were speaking in strange tongues. Although that was second-hand info, she was adamant. I mentioned that there are christians who spoke in tongues too but my tongue fell on deaf ears.

What is fact, as reported by the Knysna-Plett Herald, is that, Prophet Siyanda Njoloza of the Kingdom Life Apostolic Ministries was called to the school by staff. And the staff were barred from speaking to the media.

Did the school make the right decision?

Are these instances of crime, attention seeking, drugs, mass hysteria, the psychologically disturbed… or possession at the hand of satan?

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Speeding Fine Rules South Africa

Speeding fine rules regulations legalities Western CapeAfter i posted my open letter with many queries to the traffic department regarding the reason for fines and their breakdown, i was emailed many queries regards the laws themselves, especially speed cameras. Many rules govern the legality of speeding fines so there’s a strong likelihood that traffic officers are not obeying them. Know the rules. This is not so that you can disobey them (speed kills) but so that you can defend yourself when you are in the right and the traffic cops are in the wrong.

These are extracts from the Prosecuting Guidelines for Speed Measuring Equipment and Traffic Light Violation Monitoring Equipment as publish in November 2012.

To make provision for the operational guidelines in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results for fair prosecution. The decision whether or not to prosecute however still remains in the discretion of the prosecutor.



1.1 Operator requirements – The operator of any Speed Measuring Equipment shall – Continue reading

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