Elections: Vryheidsfront Plus Plan for Knysna

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I’m Jackie du Toit, the Freedom Front Plus (Vryheidsfront Plus) candidate for Knysna Wards 4, 9 & 10. Many of you will know me by my maiden name of Jackie Wissink. I am the proud mother of a 13-year-old girl. I am a proud resident of our beautiful town for 18 years. I’m currently a care-giver. For 12 years, I was a member of the SAPS. I’m your neighbour. I’m a person of faults trying to be a better person. … Click here to read full article

The DA, ACDP, Knysna Knews & Susan Campbell

Why did Knysna Knews delete this comment by Susan Campbell 2

Why did Knysna Knews delete Susan Campbell’s interesting comment from their FB page? It was about Municipal Manager Grant Easton and Deputy Mayor Esme Edge. Knysna Knews has supported the DA’s Esme Edge more than any other page i know of. Was that why? I can’t think of another reason because Campbell’s comment was well articulated and non-confrontational. Thankfully, i had copied the entire thread in case i needed to quote from it for an article. Hopefully Advocate Julie Seton … Click here to read full article

Susan Campbell Responds to Grant Easton

Susan Campbell responds to Knysna Municipal Manager Grant Easton

The complainant against Knysna Municipal Manager Grant Easton has identified herself as Susan Campbell. Campbell is well know for her voluntary work in assisting the public by scrutinising municipal tender documents, her goal to ensure that they obey the law. Grant Easton is currently under investigation for alleged tender irregularities and racism. He recently defended himself by releasing a statement to the Knysna-Plett Herald. Campbell intended keeping silent during the investigation but felt it necessary to respond to Easton’s factual … Click here to read full article

More Upheaval as Knysna’s Director of Finance Quits

Pariksha Gobrie quits Knysna Municipality as Director of Finance

Pariksha Gobrie, Knysna Municipality’s Director of Finance, has quit, giving only 3 week’s notice. Although her final day of work is August 12, her automatic email response says that Fredri Kruger is now Acting CFO. Although a name wasn’t mentioned, the Knysna Knews page has stated that “due to political interference, we have just lost yet another essential person in top directorate position… the DA caucus certainly has a lot to answer for.” Knysna Knews is obviously referring to the … Click here to read full article

Suicide Poetry


Yesterday, a man walked out of Knysna Provincial Hospital, opened his car boot in front of the main entrance, pulled out a gun… and shot himself dead. South Africa has the eight highest suicide rate in the world. In 2014, there were approximately 8000 suicides with 10 times more attempts. My poems takes a personal perspective, the fight to live versus the desire to die… FLY The sun is calling out your name from a million miles away It’s an … Click here to read full article