Yesterday, hours after i posted Trading Tik for Sex, someone who hadn’t read it told me that someone i used to work with had become a tik addict and committed suicide. Like many tragedies involving drugs in Knysna, it did not make the news.

He was one of several white people i’ve known on the drug. I make the skin distinction because so many white people in Knysna don’t see it as their problem although rumours of tik abuse in the recent murder of Rosemary Theron raised eyebrows.

I want to do more than raise eyebrows and ram home that drugs are not racist.

And let’s temper the argument that drug addicts are solely to blame for their addictions. All generations experiment with drugs and, for the most part, get away with it but the danger is far more severe nowadays because unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers are adding ingredients humans cannot survive. And sometimes they’re lying that it’s something else, greedy in the destructive knowledge that the worse an addict is, the more money to be made in the short term. It’s a lie that pays.

There has been a lot of interest in relevant blogs on this site with Tik: Knysna’s Worst Drug having had over 4000 views. It’s a sad indictment of inefficiency and uselessness when that article ranks higher on Google than the official and unofficial pages for our town’s drug centre and the health department of the Knysna Municipality. Before the doors of democracy were closed to me, Mayor Georlene Wolmarans and Councillors Esme Edge and Michelle Wasserman had, in a meeting, said that they’d tackle the topic. They, as the DA, lied.  And the ANC is as invisible as them.

But it’s not only up to them. It’s OUR community. So what can i do about it? What can you do about it? 

Education is essential and with little resources fear should be a component of it. No one wants to frighten children but there is a battle on in which money doesn’t care for the squeamish or the well-being of families and friends in Knysna. Peer group pressure and more dangerous drugs make for a violent cocktail demanding destructive ‘hangovers’ that affect us all.

Towards positive fear that makes kids think twice and decide, “Not even once!”, i post these horrific photos and videos of desomophine a.k.a. krokodil a.k.a. cannibal heroin a.k.a. the zombie drug (and hope that parents spend a few sickening minutes viewing them with their children):

This video is one of the nastiest, most shocking and saddest things i’ve ever seen which is why you should see it. The most important part starts at the 5 minute mark. Be warned that it contains nudity but that it isn’t remotely sexual. I cried for that girl. Not ashamed to admit it. A Jew in a Nazi death camp would’ve cried for her (you’ll understand that i don’t say that lightly). That bad. That sad. I’m deeply shaken.

You should also view the professional anti-tik (meth) videos posted at Tik: Let’s Fight It .


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