Please Donate: Support My Causes — 36 Comments

  1. Thank you to Mr R. for the R800 and Mr M. for the R150. My account now out of the red, bought internet for a week and i get to run a small kids tip this weekend.

  2. Very cool of Miss S to give R200 towards internet. I added some more and when i bought a bundle was delighted to discover that MTN had given me double, enough for the rest of the month:)

  3. R180 + R60 airtime just delivered into my almost dead phone:) Cell rates have thankfully come down but chasing people and converting to internet can take up R1000 per month. I’d spend double that if i could. It really helps cause communication get us nearer to stories and answers. Thank you, Linda.

  4. My call for help on May 5, just before i represented myself in court against my first politician, was responded to so well by you. R3850 raised. Thank you! That will buy some groceries, gas, airtime, internet data and subpoena some of the witnesses i need for the next case which is the CEO of Tourism, Greg Vogt, versus me.

  5. R1000 the day before i had to leave for High Court got me there! R200 + 200 yesterday gets some scans of the court cases done as well as 2 weeks electricity. Thank you to the three ladies who helped.