Democratic Alliance crimes NCOP ruling Setember 13 2017


The DA do not want you to read this website. They're murdering free speech and shitting on the Constitution of South Africa. They've obtained numerous court orders to hide the truth from those who voted for them. That's because this website's ONE MILLION WORDS exposes that the DA is a massive lie; that their slogans of good governance, accountability and transparency were only marketing tools. Whilst the DA were pointing fingers at ANC corruption, no one was watching the DA became corrupt too.

The LOVE KNYSNA PETITION to Parliament details illegal appointments, cronyism, propaganda, abuse of public funds, abuse of the courts, the use of child abuse as a propaganda weapon, threats etc. It's possible culpable homicide gets added.


They were aware of all that was going on and are thus complicit. In fact, Premier Helen Zille's inner circle were directly involved in the cover-up. To try silence the Public knowing the truth, the DA is taking Mike Hampton, the owner of this site, to court. They've taken him many times already, each time to try shut him up. This case is likely to become one of several, their attack more vicious as the possibility of their punishment draws closer.

The DA ran an evil campaign to try discredit Hampton. The propaganda campaign was extensive and vicious. They set up Facebook pages from which to attack, run anonymously until exposed. The DA had a doctor (who wasn't a psychiatrist) submit a false diagnosis labeling Hampton as a psychopath, even submitted it as evidence. Then Helen Zille allowed him to become a councillor, suspiciously, like it was a pay-off.

The DA aimed for the lowest common denominator, thinking they could make Hampton stop demanding justice for their crimes.

The DA Federal Executive, DA Leader Mmusi Maimane, MEC Anton Bredell, MEC Alan Winde, DA Region East Region Manager Jaco Londt, Mayor Eleanore Spies, Speaker Georlene Wolmarans, Councillor Peter Myers and many others are in possession of the evidence yet refuse to act. That can only mean that the dirty actions against Hampton were done on behalf of the political party they support.


SABC3 News reports on Love Knysna Petition to Parliament (if an advert appears, push 'Skip')


If Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is his own man, why isn't he acting against the Opposition parties involved?



The DA doesn't care about the Public. The only thing the DA cares about is protecting their false image so as to grow their power. They'll try destroy you if you get in their way. You should be afraid.


"To protect Knysna and save myself, I'll be focusing 100% on Court cases. All my websites are suspended unless there's a major update. Helen Zille and I will have our day in Court this year! Let's hope that Parliament acts against this corruption soon. To every citizen, please be loud. Stand against selfish crime. Never forget that WE ARE SOUTH AFRICA, not the politicians under whom our lives have only gotten worse." - Mike Hampton


This is the blog of Mike Hampton. Welcome to alternate media where no skin colour, religion, political party or friend receives special treatment. The pursuit of truth and the love for justice comes first! This blog isn't only for Knysna residents and friends of our town. The scary corruption here stretches up to the leadership of the Western Cape.

Democratic Alliance versus Mike Hampton