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KnysnaSchools.co.za launches

One of my goals is to get Knysna online. This has been pursued by assisting people and businesses with websites and blogs that have ranged from vastly reduced prices to free.

On a broader level, we need information portals whose goal is not to attract lots of traffic but to simply help those looking for specific information. Towards this, www.KnysnaSchools.co.za launched today.

It will eventually list every school so that newcomers to town, sponsors and community workers will easily know what type of schools there are and be able to easily get hold of them. A dual purpose is to bring the poorer schools, the majority of the schools, more into the present and limelight. If you’ve ever tried to find contact details for them, you’ll know the struggle i.e. albeit a small step, this is one forward.

If you know a headmaster, headmistress, teacher or school secretary, from well-established creches to high schools, please share this page with them. I need them to send:

  • 200-300 words description (generalized so that it won’t have to be altered next year)
  • Grades available
  • Type of school e.g. private, section 21.
  • Land-line number/s
  • Email address
  • Website url (if they have one)
  • Directions/GPS
  • Logo.
  • 2 photos (preferably 72dpi and landscape )

The listing is, of course, free.

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