A Wicked Xmas Poem — 5 Comments

  1. eish, I commend your bravery, publishing this stuff, but caution that you may have just offended some of your allies.

    • There is that chance in almost everything i do. I always hope, even if some won’t, that people see the bigger picture of me. Of course, there will be those who will target the small as their representation of a false bigger me. I just try be me, warts and all – that’s truth. As for the poem, the good guys win – a helluva metaphor considering we live in a country with baby rapists, body-parts-as-muti-sellers. corrupt politicians, family-suicidal cops and so much more. The reality is far scarier than any metaphor i can think up.

  2. Jan 16: TO ALL READERS: BIG APOLOGIES to those who’ve been receiving unsolicited emails from Mark Allan (he’s also used fake profiles such as James Stewart). He targets people on my Facebook (he has a bunch of you already as friends on his fake profiles) and then sends you emails about me. There is a civil case and 2 criminal cases pending. The magistrate granted a restraining order against him last week but he’s determined to disobey. If you haven’t read them yet, then check out (and parts 2-6) as well as Doing what i do sometimes attracts baddies. That’s unfortunately part of my life but i’m sorry that its intruded into some of yours.