The Battle for Rheenendal is the War for Knysna — 4 Comments

  1. In the national election, of 565 registered voters, 381 votes were counted in Rheenendal, DA got 310 of these. It seems fairly obvious who will win the bi-election. Incidentally, 3rd was the Ubuntu party, 6 votes is 1.58% mmmmm

    • I expect the Rheenendal situation to be more interesting than that this time but the Belvidere to Buffalo Bay are will be boring, making DA victory likely. If that happens, my concern is for the long term i.e. i hope that Rheenendal doesn’t become more volatile (as Nekkies and White Location have).

  2. Er, wasn’t she the one who sank Knysna up to its neck in debt during the World Cup fiasco? It’s deja vous watching all those Brazilians demonstrating about nebulous expenditures on the current extravaganza, while FIFA officials lord it, and watch another country bankrupt itself so that a few egomaniacs (the footballers) can kick a ball about. Such was South Africa’s fate. Such was Knysna’s while our Mayor at the time, promised economic regeneration fuelled by French and Danish visitors (que pasa?). If I had a vote, I’d rather place it with the EFF than sully it with Ms Bouw’s name.

    • Apparently R30million of Knysna’s cash down the drain on that one. I’ve never seen a proper breakdown of that expenditure. I told Shaun van Eck, before the Cup, started, that it was going to be a waste of time as soccer not be looking for elephants in between games, they’ll more likely be drinking and whoring in a city where the games are actually held.