“Keep” is especially powerful as an image of safekeeping. It refers to the main tower within the walls of a castle, the strongly fortified defensive structure. It can also refer to the castle itself. And that is what we aim to accomplish i.e. to build a castle of safety out of hope transformed into rocks of education and income. We believe that all children have the ability to become prince and princesses who can grow into adults that are kings and queens of their destiny. It will be a Knysna castle, a KNYSNA KEEP FOR ALL!

It’s also an apt logo for our beautiful town as Knysna is also well known for its castles on the beach.

* * * * * *

“Keep” is a beautiful word that has many meanings relevant to our good intentions and as advice to all:

1. To retain possession of: dignity and human rights.
2. To hold onto what you have, especially in the face of possible loss.
3. To provide (a family, for example) with maintenance and support e.g. as Charles Kingsley said: “There’s little to earn and many to keep.”
4. A permanent period i.e. we are in this forever, we are in this for “keeps”.
5. To persevere in work or an action i.e. to “keep” at it because hard work is what it will take.

“Keep” is a positive message when faced with challenges:

1. Keep one’s head i.e. maintain your compusure in a crisis, especially when all those around you lose their heads.
2. Keep one’s chin up i.e. when times are hard, be sure to courageous and optimistic.
3. Keep a stiff upper lip i.e. be brave and steadfast in the face of adversity.
4. Keep the wolf from the door i.e. work hard to avoid loss and suffering caused by a lack of money.

“Keep” is good advice in these tough times:

1. Keep one’s nose clean i.e. stay out of trouble, do not commit crime.
2. Keep pace i.e. do not fall behind others.

“Keep” also relates to the joy of music:

1. Keep time i.e. to maintain the tempo or rhythm of the song.

“Keep”, maybe most importantly, reminds us of our humanity and connectedness (ubuntu) to one another:

1. To keep company.