Koos Kombuis: Winds of Change for the ANC — 2 Comments

  1. I am a member of the ANC, but I am one of those who are very upset with how the government handled the Dalai Lama visa application. I was and stil is very embarrassed by this whole affair. I have the greatest respect for the Arch but I disagree with him where he equates the ANC with the Nasional Party. ANC members must speak out against the governmemt on these issues. We must learn lessons from the late comrade Kader Asmal, who as a member of the ANC was not afraid to critisise the movement whre critisism is needed. We must hold dear the values of the Freedom Charter which is the foundation of our Constitution. If we are not going to speak truth to power. When we keep quiet about these issues, this is when the movement is slipping into irrelevance. The government needs to explain to the nation why this matter was handled in such disrespectful way. I encourage my fellow ANC members to debate this issue with me on this site.

    • Good for you, Terrence. Criticism is needed by all political parties, within and without. It’s important for the ANC to change the mindset of those who believe that it’s a dictatorship. Silence is the enemy. Engage all parties. Engage the media. Debating encourages thought. Criticism encourages democracy.